Kanye and Sunday Service Choir

Yeah I know the fact that Kanye West is doing gospel music now is still strange to alot of people. To me as well , at first.  I have done 5 of the songs off of this new album so far (Ultralight Beam, Father Stretch, Revelations 19:1, Rain, and Follow Me) and I got to tell you that from a musical standpoint I think it's really great. Groundbreaking in a way. I was never a big Kanye fan but I think this is his best work.  His use of traditional instruments like piano and organ (and on Rain nylon guitar and trumpet) make it sound at first like a traditional song but you soon realize that its not. The variations and dissonance in the chords he uses are refreshing and the drums are killer! Its the sound of a like kit playing in a large room or hall but playing hip hop rhythms. It sounds almost sloppy but at the same time it is meticulously well organized. And then when you bring in the choir they are working as if another instruments. The counterpoint between what they are doing and what the band is doing at times make it seem like you are changing time signature but you're not. The songs also sound like they get faster or slower at times too but in fact they are right on the metronome. Anyways, I just thought I would share. I've gone in deep on these 5 songs and hope to get the opportunity to do some of the others

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