Gospel & Christian Instrumental Music Tracks

Contemporary & Classic Instrumental Hymns For Church Choirs, Solo Artists, & Programming

Ascension Tracks specializes in creating instrumental backing tracks of Gospel and Christian songs and Christian instrumental music. We are constantly adding both contemporary and classic songs to our library.  Many of the instrumental hymns are ones that you won't find in any other library

The backing tracks we create are perfect for you if you are a church choir, Gospel solo artist, and Christian solo artist, or a worship leader that does not have a band for backup. Our contemporary and classic instrumental hymns can also be utilized as the congregation enters the church or for other programming functions.


High-Quality Downloadable Worship Instrumentals Available In Different Formats, Keys, Or As Custom Karaoke Tracks

All of our worship instrumental tracks are downloadable as a high-quality 320kbps MP3. Upon request, each track is also available as a WAV file, in a different key,  or as a zipped folder of individual stems.  The MP3 download price is $8.99 and there is no extra charge to request a  WAV file.  To request a track in a different key than the original there is no extra charge. To request a zipped folder of individual stems for any song the price is $15.

If you don't see what you're looking for on our "STEMS" page just ask. For a custom karaoke track of a song that we don't have in the library, the price is $65.  For any request contact alexazjohn@gmail.com


Mechanical Licenses Obtained So Praise & Worship Songwriters Get The Royalties They Deserve

We have obtained a mechanical license, or are in the process of obtaining a mechanical license for each of the songs we cover (except public domain songs) as instrumental Gospel and Christian music. We believe that praise and worship songwriters deserve to be paid royalties for their creations. For any questions contact alexazjohn@gmail.com.

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For anyone who is not familiar with the terms it is basically shorthand for having the multitrack files. Basically having a separate file for each instrument plus a click track. As long as you are working with a DAW (pro…

Kanye and Sunday Service Choir

Yeah I know the fact that Kanye West is doing gospel music now is still strange to alot of people. To me as well , at first.  I have done 5 of the songs off of this new album so…

I have new tracks in the works.

I've been super busy during this fine month of January. I am working on several projects that wil      l be posted soon. Then include "Jesus" by Eddie James, "Everlasting Arms" by Rev. Timothy Wright. "Ultralight Beam" and "Rain" by Kanye…

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